Come build the future of leave

We're a team of builders tackling the complex world of employee leave. We're passionate about the direct impact we have on some of the most pivotal moments of peoples' lives, in an industry that is desperately in need of a technology-forward product.

Excited about taking dusty, highly regulated industries and making them surprisingly delightful? We'd love to work with you.

Our leadership team

Our mission

Today, it's fascinating and baffling how complicated the process is: going on leave (be it parental, medical, bereavement, or for any other reason) means talking to reps and wading through a mountain of government and insurance claims just to get your time off and income in moments when you're the most stressed and busy. We talked to hundreds of employees and employers who had nightmare stories to tell, and wondered to ourselves why nobody had solved this yet.

Our mission is to take the work out of leave — removing all of the friction that exists today for both employees and employers — and be the #1 advocate for folks going through the process. It's a really exciting space, and we're moving incredibly fast on both product and user momentum.

How we work

We strongly believe in building the type of company where everyone can bring their authentic selves, are constantly learning, and genuinely love the people they work with. Here's a little about how we work — we'd love to tell you more.

Everyone works on product

Whether you write code, design, sell, or directly support our users, everyone collaborates together as an owner in the product.

We work with urgency and focus, roll up our sleeves when needed, and thrive in having a high level of craftsmanship in everything we do.

Debate without ego

We all care deeply about what we're working on, but we also have high trust and mutual respect for one another. We may disagree and debate, but we do it to push each other, our product, and company to be the best it can be.

We write things down

We care about writing, both for rigorous thinking and reflection as well as for posterity and knowledge sharing.

This helps us be radically transparent: we have open email lists and documentation, and share strategic context like board meetings notes and fundraising plans internally so everyone is empowered with the same information.

Build for impact

We're not in this just to be a successful business. We're here because we deeply care about the communities we serve—families, caretakers, people teams—and we have the power to uniquely effect change.

We also believe in having impact for our team: we go out of our way to help each other succeed and have career defining highlights.

Join our team

We're looking for folks who want to work at an early stage, mission-oriented company, have a high level of craftsmanship in what they do (whether on user-facing products, operational processes, or customer communication), and most importantly, are excited about building the right company together.

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